Heavy Duty Truck Alignment


The system applies microprocessor-based technology, along with laser accuracy, for precise alignment of heavy trucks and trailers. Electronic
sensors on each wheel measure alignment angles. These measurements are instantly transmitted to the alignment system’s computer and displayed on a screen for reference by the service technician. All wheels are aligned to a common centerline.


Does your vehicle have any of these symptoms: irregularly worn tires or “crooked” steering wheel, pulling to one side? Pay attention to your vehicle it is trying to tell you something. It needs to be aligned.

Not only will we align your vehicle, we will look it over first for worn or damaged suspension components such as: worn kingpins, worn or loose wheel bearings, loose tie rod ends, worn spring pins and bushings, worn tracking arm/walking beam and torque arm bushings and advise you if there is a problem.

When your vehicle arrives we will first check it over, mount laser guided sensors to each wheel, the Hunter System will take measurements, the
technician will make necessary adjustments including centering the steering wheel, print out a report of before and after measurements for you, and you will be happily on your way.

Our Alignment Technician is Hunter Factory Certified having attended both the Basic Heavy Vehicle Alignment and Advanced Heavy Alignment classes, where he learned both theory and hands-on. He also has above twenty years experience as a mechanic.

To CONTACT Steven Waits, Alignment Specialist:

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